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1st Grade Pumpkin Math/Science Activity

Reported by on 11/19/18

This October, the First Graders were learning about pumpkins! They read books exploring the life cycle of a pumpkin, different types of pumpkins, and what pumpkins are like on both the inside and the outside. Then, they spent time exploring the pumpkins for themselves in small groups. Parent volunteers came in to help run the “Pumpkin Math/Science” activity in the classroom helping with set up, exploration, and clean-up. Thank you again, parents!!!

Students were split into small groups and given one large pumpkin to explore. They were provided with spoons, tins, and 100-frame mats to scoop, separate, sort, and count the pumpkin seeds! This allowed them to discover with their senses the parts of a pumpkin first-hand and also practice their counting skills beyond 100! This was a big challenge to sort seeds into groups of 10s to make 100s, and count into numbers well beyond 120! The students also identified the stem, pulp, and seeds of the pumpkin.

After separating seeds from pulp and sorting into groups by 10s and 100s, the students cleaned up and recorded in their journals about their science exploration like a real-scientist would do. They shared their totals – there were anywhere from 150-578 seeds counted in the pumpkins! Then they used adjectives to describe what the pulp was like:
mushy, gooey, squishy, messy, slimy, and gross!

It was a great science exploration to discover something we admire and use to celebrate the fall season with. Some pumpkins were even taken home to turn into jack-o-lanterns! Check out some pictures from the exploration!

1st Grade Math/Pumpkin Science Pictures ( pdf)

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